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About Deja-Vu
In short: DejaVu is a small reminder application written in the Java programming language.

The purpose of this utility is adding simple notes (tasks, reminders) and give these an expiration date. When the note expires, it will give you a small notification along with an optional sound. For a full list of features, see the features page.

19 Oct 2004 by Kevin Pors

Latest News

DejaVu 0.3.1 released
These are the changes since 0.3.0:

* 20/10/2004 [v0.3.1]
- Replaced about picture.
- Implementation of the Command interface into the application.
* 18/10/2004 [v0.3.1]
- Minor updates
- Code fix
- Plugin 'enhancement'
- Added Command interface for some custom command execution after expiring of a note.
Implementation has still to be done though.
- Added Logging for the application
- Added enabling or disabling of multiple instances (using a lockfile)
20 Oct 2004 by Kevin Pors

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